For the holidays, what should you give your nanny?

Don’t forget to include your nanny on your list of holiday gifts this year. The “Nanny Extraordinaire” you’ve hired is a caregiver, a friend, a colleague, and an employee. For many families, the holidays are busier than the rest of the year combined, even if the kids are off school. Your nanny probably goes above and above during the holidays to ensure that your home runs smoothly. Do not overlook your nanny’s worth during all the chaos. This Christmas season, you should consider how to thank your nanny effectively.

Every nanny has something they like doing outside of work. The best present you can give a nanny is one that helps them take care of themselves. Most nannies put everyone else before themselves and seldom stop to take a deep breath. You need to put on your thinking gear and ask yourself, “What would they like, and would you demonstrate the utmost respect to them?”

Since nannies are professionals, giving them a year-end bonus and the rest of the staff is customary. Two weeks’ worth of pay is the industry standard incentive, while some families choose to go above and beyond. Families do this in addition to giving each other “special presents” from their kids. Now is the moment to thank your nanny for all their hard work this past year.

It’s essential to show your nanny how much you appreciate them on special occasions like Christmas. Compared to those who don’t show their nanny any appreciation, those who do tend to have a more positive experience with them and a long working relationship. If your nanny works for you for a year without compensation, they might resent their job and eventually leave. If you have a nanny, a simple “Thank You” might go a long way toward showing your appreciation. Don’t forget to show your nanny how much you appreciate their hard work and dedication by expressing your gratitude with a token of appreciation.

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