How much should a nanny be paid?

Once you hire a nanny through our referral services, you are now their employer, which means that you will be responsible for their salary, taxes, vacation time, sick days, etc. All nannies should be paid legally since the IRS considers them household employees and not independent contractors, salary is usually on a weekly basis unless agreed otherwise. How much you pay your nanny should be discussed between both of you.

However, a nanny salary should be between $20- $40+ an hour and based on many factors, including:
• Number of kids
• Years of experience (1-2 yrs. $20-$25)( 3-5 yrs. $26-$30) (5-10 yrs. $35-$40+)
• Special skills offered
• Type of care needed
• How many children they would be responsible for
• Number of hours
• Schedule
• Tasks Requirements
• Nanny Tax and legal compliance

We have several referral companies that can help you with your legal obligations when hiring a nanny. Click here to find out more.

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