Nanny Statistics

While nannying is a popular job in this modern age, it has been around for quite some time. This is a female-dominated industry. Although you might find a few males doing the job, statistics have shown that 93.1% of females to 6.9% of males.

The most common ethnicity of nannies is White (64.4%), followed by Hispanic or Latino (16.9%) and Black or African American (7.9%).

Concept and Definitions

While the definition of a nanny started as a person, in particular, a woman employed to look after a child in their own home. It’s safe to say that the role of a nanny has expanded over the years. With so many nanny different types of nannies, most nannies can be considered chosen family members based on how much time they spend with their clients.

Differnt Types Of Nannies

  • Live In Nanny
  • Travelling Nanny
  • Nanny-House Manager
  • Traditional Nanny
  • Education Support Nanny
  • Nanny Educator-Tutor
  • Newborn Care Specialist
  • Night Nanny

Expectation Of Different Nannies

  • An Education Support Nanny has a teaching or education background and performs the same duties as a traditional nanny.
  • A Traditional Nanny is the primary childcare provider in the home, in charge of the children’s overall health and well-being.
  • Nanny-House Manager is someone who does the traditional nanny job, organizes and monitors the maintenance of the property, and handles household inventories.
  • Travelling Nanny hired on a short-term basis, specifically to travel or go on vacation with a family,
  • Live In Nanny a live-in nanny is hired to care for a child or children on a full-time basis and is paid for full-time work.
  • Night Nanny provides all aspects of infant care during the night.
  • Newborn Care Specialists are highly specialized and trained to focus on the care and well-being of newborn infants.
  • Nanny Educator-Tutor has specific teaching credentials (b. ed or m. ed.) and classroom teaching experience.

Service Of Excellence

Here at Atlanta Best Nanny Placement Agency, we search for the best person who fits your needs and does the necessary background and medical to minimize the risk in your home. The contact between you and your Nanny is flexible based on your needs and agreement. We know finding someone you can trust with your family is hard, so we do the work for you to get the best placement possible, so call us now. We are here to help.

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